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The Palace of Auburn Hills
Join the Detroit Pistons in their never-ending mission to dominate the NBA. Tickets are available for every budget, don't be afraid. Detroit Pistons Tickets


Comerica Park
Watch your favorite Detroit Tigers slugger knock one out of the park in one of Major League Baseball's newest and most state-of-the-art parks. Detroit Tigers Tickets


Joe Louis Arena
Bundle up but don't dress too warm, the Detroit Red Wings are ready to heat up the ice and want you as their guest. Detroit Red Wings Tickets


Ford Field
Ford Field is the newer venue that replaced the Detroit Silverdome for the Detroit Lions. Be sure to check it out and watch one of the Lions Sunday games this season. If you're lucky you might be able to catch a Monday game. Get there early to have some fun tailgating with the other fans.
Detroit Lions Tickets


Detroit Concerts
Detroit has many concert venues. Most of them are at the larger sports arenas but you might catch a smaller concert at The Fillmore, The Fox, Royal Oak Music Theater, Magic Stick, St Andrews Hall, The Shelter, or maybe even Cobo arena.. Detroit Concert Tickets

tickets to your favorite Detroit events

Detroit, Michigan is most famous for its auto empire but it is also home to an amazing night life that many cities can only dream of. Don't waste your life away sitting on the couch watching your favorite teams make history, make a call and have tickets to any Detroit event waiting for you at the box office so that you can be a part of that history making magic.

Detroit hosts four major professional sports teams with a great local following of loyal fans that love to party. No matter the season, you can always find a game to check out in Detroit for a night of fun. Head to the rink at Joe Lewis Arena to watch the Detroit Red Wings hash it out. Shoot on over to Comerica Park and watch the Detroit Tigers slam a few home runs. Stop by Ford Field and throw a great tailgate party before a Detroit Lions football game. Or catch a ride to The Palace of Auburn Hills and watch the legendary Detroit Pistons dominate their opponent.

If sports aren't your thing but you love getting out to enjoy the arts, Detroit offers a great selection of venues and concert halls that regularly host the nation's top performing acts; including musicians, comedians, ballets, symphonies, and so much more. Spend your night out laughing at Jeff Dunham, rocking to Kid Rock, or ooing at the amazing acrobatics of Cirque du Soleil.

When heading to an event with friends, don't forget to buckle up and drive safely. Your fellow fans are known to drink a few beers before and after the game, don't end your night on the town with tragedy. Play it safe and rent a Detroit Party Bus for the night. Comfortable transportation at a great price that eliminates all of your worries. Take advantage of the TVs and music in the back for a party that never ends.

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